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The basic profile is a free profile and has already been created for all active and eligible members of the Dane County Bar Association. The basic profile includes basic contact information such as firm name, phone number and email address. This profile does not include an attorney picture or any additional information.

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More than ever before, legal consumers are looking to the internet to seek legal assistance. When searching they are looking at their potential lawyer or law firm's credentials in a variety of places. The Profile Pro allows you to showcase your credentials and provide more information to your potential clients that will help guide them in finding the perfect fit for their legal needs.

Website badges are an ideal way to showcase your honors/awards and board memberships to potential clients. With the Profile Pro, you will receive a customized badge showcasing your involvement with the Dane County Bar Association. You can receive the badge to place on your website and it will dynamically link to your profile on the DCBA website where the badge will also be displayed.

If you are looking to expand your practice and are interested in gaining new clients, upgrading to Profile Pro for $150/year will allow you to add valuable information to your profile and increase your chance of getting hired.

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